Posted by: akilamoni | June 13, 2008


 Got tagged by  Caco

10 secrets that no longer are:


  1. Recently I admitted to my colleagues in the midst of a consumer feedback session (They were experimenting their methodology on me), that I speak to myself. I can often be found talking to myself and other inanimate objects around (my rag cloth cries very often). When alone in lifts, I spew spit bombs.
  2. For a while I believed that coffee made people grow dark.
  3. I am scared that my foot will get stuck and then consequently I will get squished in an escalator. You will always see me pause, hold the rail, think twice before I step on one.
  4. Every time I am in an elevator with one other person, I am convinced that he/she is going to attack me
  5. When I sit behind someone in a bus/train/ auditorium seat, I have a serious urge to hit the person’s head
  6. I procrastinate. Tomorrow is my hope and biggest savior.
  7. I used to be the eternal pessimist. Now I am trying to be an optimist. Think am stuck somewhere in between.
  8. I cry when I am angry.
  9. When I was in school, I thought that my ears were receding. I pulled them everyday at least twice to make them stay the way they were
  10. The minute I vote for someone in a reality contest, they get voted out in the very next episode.

I Tag   Arpita, Ashanka (I challenge your level of madness;))!




  1. didnt know 2,4,9,10

  2. My grandmother used to scare us with the coffee story. Did you mean escalator in 3.
    I am always little wary of stepping on to one. I am always worried my dress with get stuck on one of the steps and it might either rip off or drag me with it and I fall down like some wierd horror movie….

  3. @hARI
    :pppp U most def dunno others also….summa…!!

    Ya Pal I meant an escalator…had uploaded the wrong file:)!

  4. do you want a list of when and where?

  5. To Hari

  6. hehe.. it was fun doin this 🙂 just finished 😀

  7. Hi, came here from Ageless’s blog. Read a couple of your posts. The 5th one made me laugh so much that I started imagining how it would look like!

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