Posted by: akilamoni | June 19, 2008

Time to change

Today is my last but one day of work at Coca-Cola!

I am feeling feverish. Don’t think I am taking to all this change happening around me too well. Suddenly all organizational procedures associated with exiting employees feels like one cord being cut after another.

 I trudged along the corridors, wearing my best “I am bored and sleepy” expression and stepped into the lift and there was an elderly gentleman who was already in.

He looked at me and said, “So what time is ABC leaving?”(ABC is my superboss)

Moi: “ I don’t know”

He: “Is he still in office?”

Moi:” I don’t know” ( I suddenly felt a pressing urge to indulge in my habit of wanting to hit strange people and spewing spit bombs inside a lift, but I refrained) I turned my face away to avoid any further conversation.

But he was persistant.

He:” He is travelling from Monday onwards right?”

Moi:” Sigh… I have no freaking clue”

He gave me a look which I translated as “You-don’t-know-ABC’s-calendar-what-sort-of-person-are-you?”

The lift came to my floor and the door opened.

He:” You are ABC’s secretary right?”

Moi: ((To myself)- time to really leave the organization. Either I have been doing too much filing or ……)”NO”

He:”Sorry, but I have seen you sitting with the HR team”

Me: “Is it?(Einstein). So try this. The rest of the HR team also sits there. Now go figure who the secretary is.”

Maybe this is sign enough that I should leave the company and more importantly get a makeover!!!!!!!



  1. oh me gawds!!! Did this really happen?!! You shouldve kicked his hind.. then ud have had a good last day 🙂

    Btw i thought u were re-locating not leaving your job! how now will you bring up coke addicts in life?! I must tell Payal that her visions are faulty…

  2. hahhahaha….ya sadly my children growin up with no teeth dream of Payal comes to an end today:)….trust me gal….like this place a lot…sort of weird leaving…wish Coke were based out of some other city….

    Now lets see which product my children get to grow up on?!;)!

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