Posted by: akilamoni | September 27, 2008

come gather around ppl


My life suddenly seemed like a notepad in which had frantically ticked off a lot of pending action items (hey, my hr self is taking over me).


  • Get married
  • Get a new job
  • Have a fantastic time
  • Bid farewell to Pip(that is the husband- did you know I hate people referring to husband as hubby)
  • Get back to square one



When all of this was happening, I sneaked in sometime to enroll myself in an English Honours course in a nearby college. Just before you start thinking, no I haven’t quit my job or lost my mind. The class happens in the weekend and thus takes care of my weekend activity in the absence of Pip!(Pip being the husband)


I did get quite sick of blogosphere for a while in between and refused to read any blogs or write more myself. But with the looming threat of rising phone bills, I have decided to start writing about my classes. The intention is two fold – inform Pip about classes and use the blog as a notepad for reflection on this class.


So starting tomorrow my posts will be a mix of class notes and my thoughts apart from my usual madness.



  1. YEY!!!! for everything…

  2. welcome back!!!

  3. So I discover your blog just as you are about to resume blogging..great..will stop for more reads 🙂

  4. Hey there, write more often. Dropped by the 3rd day and no fresh posts>>>.
    That will help u easen up a bit i hope. Drop by my space as well.

  5. What’s ‘Pip’ ‘s actual name?

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