Posted by: akilamoni | October 6, 2008

Back to College

First days are always tough.

First day at work, first day of the week. Brings with a certain sense of apprehension.

 Landed up in college for the course and found my way to the right block, only to realise I had forgotten  the classroom number. So I called up my friend Hari, and asked him to look up the classroom number from my mail and updated him about my classes while he was looking up. “Finally you have managed to join classes huh?” Only few people understand me so well.

Got the number and headed straight to the class only to be told by students that there was no such class happening there. Few anxious moments passed by.I messaged another prof and realised the class had been postponed. Phew. Another two minutes and I would have broken down and blamed Pip for not being around!

So there I was in a college, carrying a nice tote. Thought I might have been the only fool to carry around a huge bag but I was proved wrong. Lots of girls were walking around with totes- big, bright nice, lovely totes. Niceeeee!Things have changed!

A quick trip to the restroom had me relieved in more than one manner. The bathrooms were stinky and dirty with no water in the taps. Thank God- somethings dont change. The last time I visited an educational institution, i came out feeling suffocated. The kids were acting as though they were in a corporate boardroom and the college felt like an overdone imaginary office. Stinky bathrooms, leaky taps and creaking benches give us a reason to crib about and make us feel normal-like students.

So all matters attended to, the class started. I was expecting to be the odd one out in a class of thirty but felt happy to see that I gelled well into a class of …seven!

I had enrolled thinking it would just be about travel writing but was later told that it also included sci-fi! .Yikes. Me writing sci-fi would be like washing down curd rice with wine. The maximum sci-fi I have ever read was Futurama!

Anyways, I just reassured myself and sat through the class. Didnt open my mouth in the first class. Had a reading from a book called the Snow Leopard(An enthu cookie first bencher in a class of three benches, claimed that he had already bought the book from Blossoms. Mental note: air slap the kid and visit Blossoms)

Felt totally different. I had never ever been in a class that featured a reading leave alone a prof with immaculate pronounciation.Once the reading was over, the prof asked us for our opinion. The enthu cookie spoke again and compared the style of the writer with Jan Morris. I sat there with my mouth open, wondering who the hell I was kidding by joining this class. Thankfully the prof realised my horror and told me reassuringly that they had had a reading of Jan Morris last class. That is why I love english teachers. They sure know what is on your mind and make you feel comfortable.

Took me back to the best days of my life. My tenth std. When I walked upto my english teacher with a look on my face which could have  conveyed,”I lost my house Hurricane Katrina”, when I didn’t understand clause analysis, she conjured up a sentence which aptly portrayed my state of mind and taught me to analyze it!!

 Anyways, some interesting anecdotes, he left us with passages of Pico Iyer and Norman Lewis.

Found Pico Iyer interesting. It was from the Conde Nast traveller(which only I had heard of in the class, yohooo) about Vietnam. The Norman Lewis piece was on Goa and was rather funny!

More in the next post!



  1. vodka…and they some curd rice with ooruka…. works for me

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