Posted by: akilamoni | October 8, 2008

A study in scarlet

I have been introduced into the lovely world of audiobooks by one of my friends- lets call him Calculus(because he does really look and act like Prof.Calculus).

So Calculus was reading, rather hearing Simon Winchester and told me about it. Found it interesting and have been downloading ever since. Thought it might be a good idea to start with some light hearing during my cab journey to office. Of course this means I will miss Chamrajpet Charles, but am sure he doesnt care!

And its almost unputdownable in an audio sense. I can hear it even on my way back(whereas my reading would have got restricted). Return journeys are usually longer as well!
So I started off with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Now dont ask me if I hadnt read Sherlock Holmes. To be frank I had read only a few stories. The first one which I am listening to is called a Study in Scarlet. At the end of the 7th chapter when Holmes claims that he has caught the murderer, the trackshifts to some unknown land.

Gees. See I knew they wouldnt work! Who was I kidding with these audiobooks! I will touch, I mean hear them ever! My curiosity was getting the better of me and I so wanted to know who had killed the Enoch guy!!!

So I put it(as Sultan from Sultan school of speech would have said) one quick google search and realised that The Study in Scarlet was actually in two parts which connected in the end!!

Phew! Thank God!

Cant wait to put on my ear phones again and listen to the immaculate narration in a British accent!. Whoever said audiobooks didnt work!!!!

PS: Chamrajpet Charles and Sultan School of speech are spots on Radio One FM 94.3. The former actually deserves a post and is my favourite. For those interested, you can search for him facebook group searches and it contains a link to the site of his creators who have compiled all his spots!!! Will post the link shortly if you cant find it.



  1. Thanks for dropping by…Its nice to have a faceless social platform.I love audio books too…”creative visualisation” By shakti gawain is my recomendation…..I will try out yrs too…

  2. Really liked your blog… came across it when googling for chamrajpet charles… so when are you planning to put up that post on chamrajpet charles 😀

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