Posted by: akilamoni | October 28, 2008

9XM on top of heap

It is official.

I am not a weirdo! Everyday when I switch on 9XM to keep me company while got ready for work, the one recurring thought in my mind is- Am  I  the only person who watches this channel?

I love Bheegi Billi who sings some lovely songs. Bakwas Bandh Karo has two ugly creatures saying the funniest things and I can often be found chuckling in the middle of the night! I even once found out about a Minute Maid spot on air with Bheegi Billi singing a song about the drink. Not too many in my previous organization had even noticed it.

Read this for more info:

When I was in school, I was crazy about Rahul Khanna who spoke  in an “accented english”(mind you I still love him). Then came turn of Trey who used to regale viewers with his anti MTV jokes. I couldnt stop laughing when he revealed that a TV on the set actually belonged to MTV and he had promptly put his pet stuffed Gorilla on it.

This was around the same time that MTV used to play the most famous english numbers and BackStreet Boys were a rage. The tide started turning slowly and MTV became more local with more and more hindi numbers and Channel V held my interest with only Purab and Gaurav(Purab recently featured as an actor in Rock On and plans to pursue his acting career sadly for TV Viewers)

If ever you remember those horrible days with VJ Sophiya trying to VJ , release Music videos, lose weight all at the same time(Bad days bad days). Those days of you in your face humour which I so loved on music channels was over. I know had to make do with The Simpsons!VJ Cyrus was busy playing Bakra and irritating everyone’s head off(I love Cyrus otherwise)

Then there were the VJ hunts which you  were sure would  be won only by people with a weird accent from Australia and who gave impossible tips to people in the name of fashion.

Channel V threatened us with the entry of some hot VJ who strutted in a Bikini who was supposed to some real hot music too. Face it- to be a VJ you didnt need a fast tongue anymore. All you needed was a hot bod and some weird accent to prove you had been outside India or some outrightly unweildy  curly hair.

– All that you and I were not.

Then the onslaught of the reality TV began and Channel V joined the bandwagon with their Coke V popstars which fell like a house of cards. They were brave enough to start a second season with a more if not equally lousy band called Asma who caused a lot of rasping Asthma like music!

MTV roadies was cooking the cauldron and took over the world of music. Participate- only the fools will get selected. Shout some expletive,throw some fake attitude and you might just land yoursef another show for losers or become a VJ.

Channel V followed up with Get Gorgeous(the last season of which I adored;). Think this season got too bitchy and I missed it once too often). Channel V is planning some show on pain, while MTV has some stupidity called Youngistan on issues which are almost rhetoric.

Through all of this, I think they all forgot one vital point- the music!

And we all fall down!!!!!!

While every Music channel was wondering what the heck did the viewers wanted, 9XM stepped in.

Just music and no VJs! Just some good old continous music with not too many non sense in between. Here the VJs even sang, had a few puns under their belts, hats, ears and most of all were fun!!! And now 9XM is 300 per cent bigger than MTV and Zoom and 700 per cent bigger than Channel [V]. OOps!
Has it got to do something with the magic hands of Peter Mukherjea? Well let us just stick to some age old wisdom -“Keep it simple stupid”

Carry On 9XM!



  1. hmm.. like kakvas bandh karo…!!!.. 9xm…bigger tham yumteevee.. hmm lemme do a quick check on TRP rating

  2. so much in doubt just read the express article which i linked no???

  3. i did read the article… but still

  4. oh….waiting for some bureau news from ur gut??? hate U

  5. Oi, does 9xm play engleesh music?? Last I saw it looked like an MTV clone… btw, how much “cut” you are getting from 9xm i sayy??

    Oh btw, heart every sentiment about VJ trey.. as they say in ebngalooru these days – just where is that munda??

  6. oh not yet!!! They dont play english music just yet….but am not cribbing…..
    I can listen to non stop nonsense 24 hrs of the day..wasnt trey just the cutest!!!!

  7. came here from Usha’s

    my daughter anushka ( 3 yr old) loves 9xm though i ban some of the songs and let her listen and not watch them

    we both LOVE bheegi billi too

  8. Standing ovation!!
    This was a beautiful piece of writing and it echoed my thoughts.
    Btw, I love the 9xm Dudes (Bheegi Billi, Bade-Chhote and Betel nuts)

  9. One weak piont in this channel-They’ve been playing a lot of boring and typically bollywoody kind of music.
    Btw, Channel V has come up with a lot of cool stuff and has adapted the ‘good old, continuous music’ mode like 9xm.

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