Posted by: akilamoni | December 24, 2008

Err- Can you shut up?

So what kind of a shopper are you?

Are you the one who needs constant assistance in picking out things, views, oohs,aahs and boos from the sales staff as you try out new clothes or are you the kinds who would just like to be left alone while you shop?

Well I am the second kind. I like to select my own stuff. Try some really costly clothes, wear them, admire myself in the dressing room and walk off saying, ”It’s too loose”

And if you are one, beware before you step into Pari’s!

Pari’s(Like in Angels) and not Paris(as the one in France) is a very nice clothing store with outlets in Church Street and South End road(Bangalore). They sell Fab India like clothes at lesser prices and all Mommies-2-be, they have some maternity stuff as well.

I made a couple of visits to their Church Street store and my-oh-my- did I get ambushed by the guy who baby sits the store. Think the store belongs to his parents and he is there most times managing it.

The first time I walked in with an acquaintance, I was just trying out some of the Kurtas and in the process put one back which had a checkered pattern. He asked if I didn’t like it to which I replied that I thought the style didn’t suit me.

He went on to give a harangue on how people should always try on clothes before saying no or yes. True boy- just that I am extremely lazy and I don’t want to buy that thing.

I told him,” Boy, I have been wearing these things for sometime and I know what suits me and what doesn’t” to which his divine holiness was of the opinion that he knew better because he designed clothes. Oooooooh! Swwwwoooooon!

He gave his tuppence on every piece of clothing I picked up, I was tempted to pick up some lingerie to hear his expert opinion. Sadly there was none left on that day.

The next time I went into the store, I left my friends do the shopping while I just sat down with some male friends and chatted with them. We were discussing as to where to go next and our Divine Holiness, appeared out of thin air and started giving us his expert advice. One of my friends got confused and asked me, ”Psst, Who is he???!Is he part of our group or something?”

Ha, and how can I forget his post purchase monologue on washing instructions???!

So this store( and in particular this boy) actually wants us to wash the clothes

• Individually for the first time in cold water with a little bit of salt, dry in shade
• An equally lengthy process for the second time and there on afterwards
• Not to use detergent with enzymes
• Use Genteel(which I love)

Bah- if I only I took so much care of all my clothes!   :p   to you!

Our man also happens to be master of many languages and hence takes every opportunity to flaunt it. He speaks Kannada, Marathi, English etc etc and this is only man I am not so impressed with who can speak many a tongue.

Anyways, last Sunday, when I went to the store in South End Road(so that I didn’t have to endure his presence in Church street) what luck I was in for. There he was with his shiny teeth and extra long tongue!

He asked me,”How can I help you?”

Duh- just keep mum till I get out. That would be the biggest favour not just to me but to mankind!

I asked his equally talkative sales girls also to stay away-just tell me where the small/medium section is. Thazzzit!!!!

Anyways one of the them still wanted me to show her the fit- whatever for!!!

The man was talking his way to glory to his customers- all aunties who were wonderstruck with this peter pan. So when it was my turn to come to the billing section, this man had seated a couple and was billing their purchase slower than a snail because he was writing, talking, ordering all at the same time.

Oh how I love to display some impatience. I clicked my tongue, looked at my watch. Walked about restlessly to give the boy a clue- shut up and move on!

Finally when he was through with his wash care instructions (complete script and this time he even wrote down the names of detergents at the back), he looked at my completely bored self and proceeded to do my billing.

Just before he could launch himself unto the wash care instructions, I told him- I know it all, just keep billing (and ya I don’t follow it one bit)

The boy proceeds to say, “Oh Madam is one of our oldest customers”

Wah!!!! Am I???

Boy:” I can remember her coming here for almost four years”

Me:” Okie boy- that’s it. Don’t push it. I have been to your store precisely twice in Church street and once in S.E Road. I moved to Bangalore six months back.”

There- now that will put him in his place.

But Boy-oh-Boy!NO!!!!!!!

“Oh, I can t remember these things”

(So take a clue and shut up)

He went on to tell me story about he forgot his birthday(the story also included some parts on how his sister was brushing her teeth, how he woke up on his b’day and felt that there was something nice about that day.) Bah!

Sadly, I like the clothes his parents design and sell. Can they give me a discount for listening to their jabber mouth of a boy??



  1. Let’s go together next time when we have a lot of time to kill – we will try all the clothes in the shop and then ask for washing instructions for each one – and reject it finally saying ‘washing instructions are too difficult to follow’!!! or we’ll tell them that they should give us a bottle of gentle free with every purchase of 500 and above.

  2. What an eejit. I’d probably run away from his shop and never come back, even if he has the nicest clothes on the planet. Or take someone with me who can out-talk him while I try on stuff!

  3. @ Dipali: I love the term EEjit!!!

    Trust me, this guy deserves to be bull dozed:)

  4. I grew up in Central Asia and can totally imagine what you experienced in Bangalore. This is called “Asian hospitality”. 🙂 When I went to Turkey, in Isntanbul they made us fresh coffee in the store and gave 40% discount just because one of us was named Konstantin (Istanbul was originally named Constantinopol). And you know I’ve learnt to use that Asian hospitality to my advantage – I BARGAIN! In some asian countries seller even get offended if you buy without bargaining. It’s a different world.. 🙂

    Laurela Fashion Blog

  5. opps this had happened to me in the same store…He even gave me some detergent which is available in Australia where i was living!!! n interfering in each a every piece i was picking up!!!

  6. @Neelu: Isnt he such a pest….!!!!??

    We shud do something abt such things!!!!!!!!

  7. I wud love to meet this person, weird, as it may sound.

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