Posted by: akilamoni | January 12, 2009

Manic Monday begins

So on a manic Monday morning, I managed the following



  1. A short run
  2. Got my cycle back to good health by pumping some much needed air in the tyre
  3. Struck a conversation with a stranger who was cycling to work and who was more than enthusiastic in showing the route to electronic city from bannerghatta road for a biker(which I politely turned down)
  4. Fed Bhola(the ultra friendly sniffer dog(Lab Puppy), in the nearby 5 star hotel)
  5. Collate all my new postcards to put up on my office desk! Ye!!!


  1. enough work for a monday!!! go home hit the sack!!!

  2. That’s a lot of fun! Time to work now:)

  3. @hari: Thatz Hari’s life!

    @Dipali: Hmmmm..!!! Sadly yes!!

  4. how about if we try to walk it to electronics city one of these days! so we shall make our appearance in a bike tom morn for the walk, will we?
    Munni says that she already hates Bhola as much as she hates Kaiser.

  5. Nice posts! Will come back for more 😀

  6. @Usha:

    Aunty- realisation of a lifetime. Dogs love food more thna they love U!

    @Nalini: hey thanks so much! do drop by..:)

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