Posted by: akilamoni | May 18, 2009

my new muse

so this is probably a good part of the reason why i bought a new phone. I spend a reasonable amount of time in a cab traveling to work and back. Am invariably clubbed with some random men who act like ten year olds whenit comes to deciding who gets dropped first.Now I can blog on the thanks to my phone. I am currently struggling with the keypad,but am sure it is a matter of time before i get quick. Also this is a good way to channelize my anger by writing hate posts against such men. one thing that has suffered after joined this job is my blog, so finally, i hope i can revive it. I still find it very difficult to go home and open the laptop after one tiring day where i have done nothing but stare into the screen. Currently I am noting the address of crazy cab mates so that I can drop some dung bombs outside their gates someday. He he.One of them was humming chak de along with the radio.He wont be so happy when he wakes up smelling the dung.



  1. In my case it used to be the women. I used to find it amusing when I hear them tell the driver to drop them off at Whitefield first and then drop the others staying in Indiranagar and surrounding areas when the cab starts off frm Richmond road.

    LOL @ chak de and dung bombs

  2. @Praveen: Ditto…In my case its not just women….men…grown men…senior men….women…all and sundry….

    So today on my way back, this woman confidently is telling the driver to go north when we have to start dropping people from south!!!!

    And worst of all, Once this woman kept egging the driver to take a turn(in kannada and hence i didnt realise what had happened)….and we ended up taking the “reverse drop route” the last one got dropped first…!!!(Pssst….even more angry becoz I had paid for the toll gate to get home faster)!…

  3. I am with you on the dung bombs!
    The driver is to be blamed too! Does he have dung in his head???

  4. you will be amused to hear abt the drivers….

    U know they hate it when asked to play 94.3 rite??:)!

    I promised a karnataka flag for one of them for his bday:)! (really!)

  5. ur right!!! I have my experience too!
    just that I am in no mood to insist on the radio after a hard day’s work.

    I just plug in my ear phones and listen to music from my phone else I have to tolerate the Kannada dappankuthu which is worse than itsTamil counterpart.

    u sure have a way of getting things done! šŸ˜‰

  6. where do u work?

  7. and you’ve disappeared already…?!

  8. at poornima:back after a bout of viral and food poisoning and hopefully here to stay

  9. Hey! my reader showed a new post. But I don’t see it here!

  10. @praveen:

    Itz a small post..very ignorable

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