What is mundane stuff all about

 Welcome to Mundane Stuff.

Mundane Stuff is my effort to record my madness and sometimes the madness of those around me.  I rave and rant, crib and cry, rejoice and scream, inform and debate here to all those willing to listen. I dont have too many opinions  and you are likely to stumble upon useless information (which interest none but me), endless posts on my beautiful childhood, details of the places I meander to, graphic descriptions of people and things I fund funny.

In case you do stop by and find something that has caught your attention, do let me know what you think(Psst…just comment).



  1. aha. Gotcha. You thought you’d move home without a forwarding address. Ha!

  2. I’ve taken the liberty of linking to your blog today in my blog roll. You write beautifully and charmingly.

  3. Hi.. just stumbled on your blog.. amazing.. you start blogging as early as 2006.

    Sorry for that. am kinda a late bloomer… cheers

  4. Ur blog’s sooo good. Ur a great writer.

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