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Err- Can you shut up?

So what kind of a shopper are you?

Are you the one who needs constant assistance in picking out things, views, oohs,aahs and boos from the sales staff as you try out new clothes or are you the kinds who would just like to be left alone while you shop?

Well I am the second kind. I like to select my own stuff. Try some really costly clothes, wear them, admire myself in the dressing room and walk off saying, ”It’s too loose”

And if you are one, beware before you step into Pari’s!

Pari’s(Like in Angels) and not Paris(as the one in France) is a very nice clothing store with outlets in Church Street and South End road(Bangalore). They sell Fab India like clothes at lesser prices and all Mommies-2-be, they have some maternity stuff as well.

I made a couple of visits to their Church Street store and my-oh-my- did I get ambushed by the guy who baby sits the store. Think the store belongs to his parents and he is there most times managing it.

The first time I walked in with an acquaintance, I was just trying out some of the Kurtas and in the process put one back which had a checkered pattern. He asked if I didn’t like it to which I replied that I thought the style didn’t suit me.

He went on to give a harangue on how people should always try on clothes before saying no or yes. True boy- just that I am extremely lazy and I don’t want to buy that thing.

I told him,” Boy, I have been wearing these things for sometime and I know what suits me and what doesn’t” to which his divine holiness was of the opinion that he knew better because he designed clothes. Oooooooh! Swwwwoooooon!

He gave his tuppence on every piece of clothing I picked up, I was tempted to pick up some lingerie to hear his expert opinion. Sadly there was none left on that day.

The next time I went into the store, I left my friends do the shopping while I just sat down with some male friends and chatted with them. We were discussing as to where to go next and our Divine Holiness, appeared out of thin air and started giving us his expert advice. One of my friends got confused and asked me, ”Psst, Who is he???!Is he part of our group or something?”

Ha, and how can I forget his post purchase monologue on washing instructions???!

So this store( and in particular this boy) actually wants us to wash the clothes

• Individually for the first time in cold water with a little bit of salt, dry in shade
• An equally lengthy process for the second time and there on afterwards
• Not to use detergent with enzymes
• Use Genteel(which I love)

Bah- if I only I took so much care of all my clothes!   :p   to you!

Our man also happens to be master of many languages and hence takes every opportunity to flaunt it. He speaks Kannada, Marathi, English etc etc and this is only man I am not so impressed with who can speak many a tongue.

Anyways, last Sunday, when I went to the store in South End Road(so that I didn’t have to endure his presence in Church street) what luck I was in for. There he was with his shiny teeth and extra long tongue!

He asked me,”How can I help you?”

Duh- just keep mum till I get out. That would be the biggest favour not just to me but to mankind!

I asked his equally talkative sales girls also to stay away-just tell me where the small/medium section is. Thazzzit!!!!

Anyways one of the them still wanted me to show her the fit- whatever for!!!

The man was talking his way to glory to his customers- all aunties who were wonderstruck with this peter pan. So when it was my turn to come to the billing section, this man had seated a couple and was billing their purchase slower than a snail because he was writing, talking, ordering all at the same time.

Oh how I love to display some impatience. I clicked my tongue, looked at my watch. Walked about restlessly to give the boy a clue- shut up and move on!

Finally when he was through with his wash care instructions (complete script and this time he even wrote down the names of detergents at the back), he looked at my completely bored self and proceeded to do my billing.

Just before he could launch himself unto the wash care instructions, I told him- I know it all, just keep billing (and ya I don’t follow it one bit)

The boy proceeds to say, “Oh Madam is one of our oldest customers”

Wah!!!! Am I???

Boy:” I can remember her coming here for almost four years”

Me:” Okie boy- that’s it. Don’t push it. I have been to your store precisely twice in Church street and once in S.E Road. I moved to Bangalore six months back.”

There- now that will put him in his place.

But Boy-oh-Boy!NO!!!!!!!

“Oh, I can t remember these things”

(So take a clue and shut up)

He went on to tell me story about he forgot his birthday(the story also included some parts on how his sister was brushing her teeth, how he woke up on his b’day and felt that there was something nice about that day.) Bah!

Sadly, I like the clothes his parents design and sell. Can they give me a discount for listening to their jabber mouth of a boy??

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Look up! I have eyes too!

I was having a very heated and important discussion with a colleague and suddenly, I found him slowing down. Ha !!!!!Victory!!! I  win.

Alas…Not so soon. He picked up pace only to slow down soon after that.

It didnt take me too long for me to realize what was happening and I started playing with the id card hanging on my neck to distract him.

There doggy, good doggy……Look away.

So ladies grab your jackets, shawls, scarfs and take to your heels.This colleague is just another man afflicted with a disease what Pip and I call BOOBGAZING. Those afflicted are addressed to as Boobgazers.

Gross as it might sound, am sure lot of you ladies are shaking your head in empathy.

The disease strikes some young  but a vast majority of them have reported first incidence sometime around when they entered college.

When men descend from boys-only schools to “co-ed” colleges, and cant take in all the sights and sounds of the new atmosphere in one day and are clearly overwhelmed, the brain gets very confusing signals and ends up directing the gaze towards, ah, well the boobs.

You will am sure find such men all over the world and it has been proved that there is no cure whatsoever.

Those women faced with the diseased in front of them can resort to wise cracks which mostly will not register in the brain of the afflicted.

Try this- the most brilliant one I have heard so far:(It really happened)

Boob gazer to girl (gazing at….): ” How are you?”

Girl:” They are fine. They cant speak you know”

You can also try quickly snapping your fingers to distract attention. But this is not effective for long.

Can afflict women too. I had a lady teacher in college(why does my college(undergrad) seems like it was filled with freakos) who used to take my viva voici while constantly shifting gaze. EEEkssssssss. (Bad days bad days)

Men have since time immemorial been besotted with the booby gifts but boob gazers define extreme behaviour and no matter how much you pretend to be indifferent about it, you can never feel so. I wonder if these men realise what they are doing and if they have ever tried to stop doing so. I have even faced some with incredible amounts of plaque in their teeth and are found boobgazing with an open mouth.So you are left with an over grown man staring at you with a mouthful of plaque. If I ever start an organization, my recruitment tests will also include tests for boobgazing and plaque in mouth.

Tested positive for boobgazing any one? Rejectedddddd

Imagine such boob gazing chappies with a lady manager. “So what is(gaze), my rating(gaze)?”


Wonder how their wives feel. “Darling(gaze) can I have some coffee?”

Wife: “Divorce”

Latest research suggests that for lasting effects, try OTS- One Tight Slap(I havent tried it yet, but am itching to).

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9XM on top of heap

It is official.

I am not a weirdo! Everyday when I switch on 9XM to keep me company while got ready for work, the one recurring thought in my mind is- Am  I  the only person who watches this channel?

I love Bheegi Billi who sings some lovely songs. Bakwas Bandh Karo has two ugly creatures saying the funniest things and I can often be found chuckling in the middle of the night! I even once found out about a Minute Maid spot on air with Bheegi Billi singing a song about the drink. Not too many in my previous organization had even noticed it.

Read this for more info:

When I was in school, I was crazy about Rahul Khanna who spoke  in an “accented english”(mind you I still love him). Then came turn of Trey who used to regale viewers with his anti MTV jokes. I couldnt stop laughing when he revealed that a TV on the set actually belonged to MTV and he had promptly put his pet stuffed Gorilla on it.

This was around the same time that MTV used to play the most famous english numbers and BackStreet Boys were a rage. The tide started turning slowly and MTV became more local with more and more hindi numbers and Channel V held my interest with only Purab and Gaurav(Purab recently featured as an actor in Rock On and plans to pursue his acting career sadly for TV Viewers)

If ever you remember those horrible days with VJ Sophiya trying to VJ , release Music videos, lose weight all at the same time(Bad days bad days). Those days of you in your face humour which I so loved on music channels was over. I know had to make do with The Simpsons!VJ Cyrus was busy playing Bakra and irritating everyone’s head off(I love Cyrus otherwise)

Then there were the VJ hunts which you  were sure would  be won only by people with a weird accent from Australia and who gave impossible tips to people in the name of fashion.

Channel V threatened us with the entry of some hot VJ who strutted in a Bikini who was supposed to some real hot music too. Face it- to be a VJ you didnt need a fast tongue anymore. All you needed was a hot bod and some weird accent to prove you had been outside India or some outrightly unweildy  curly hair.

– All that you and I were not.

Then the onslaught of the reality TV began and Channel V joined the bandwagon with their Coke V popstars which fell like a house of cards. They were brave enough to start a second season with a more if not equally lousy band called Asma who caused a lot of rasping Asthma like music!

MTV roadies was cooking the cauldron and took over the world of music. Participate- only the fools will get selected. Shout some expletive,throw some fake attitude and you might just land yoursef another show for losers or become a VJ.

Channel V followed up with Get Gorgeous(the last season of which I adored;). Think this season got too bitchy and I missed it once too often). Channel V is planning some show on pain, while MTV has some stupidity called Youngistan on issues which are almost rhetoric.

Through all of this, I think they all forgot one vital point- the music!

And we all fall down!!!!!!

While every Music channel was wondering what the heck did the viewers wanted, 9XM stepped in.

Just music and no VJs! Just some good old continous music with not too many non sense in between. Here the VJs even sang, had a few puns under their belts, hats, ears and most of all were fun!!! And now 9XM is 300 per cent bigger than MTV and Zoom and 700 per cent bigger than Channel [V]. OOps!
Has it got to do something with the magic hands of Peter Mukherjea? Well let us just stick to some age old wisdom -“Keep it simple stupid”

Carry On 9XM!

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So it is Diwali and lots of serious pollution!

My folks are here to celebrate my first Diwali(who cares if the husband is not around, lets celebrate!!)

So last few days have been filled with just non stop chatter about the sweets and goodies.

Got to eat some yummy pasta with wine on friday and some serious shopping on saturday morning before a visit to the railway station to pick up folks(Okie I am scared of trains and will do anything to stay away from them).

Saturday evening followed with some bad moods and a little bit of crying but sunday morning was hilarious.

Pip’s mom(what should I call her? Ageless? Ya, she is that personified and this will also give her already popular blog some more visits), Ageless had given a Thanksgiving Abhishekam in a nearby temple (for the wedding, for the awesome Daughter in law, and ya some scholarship that Pip has landed, thanks to my luck;))

So everyone was slated to get up early on sunday morning. My mother like my brother, keeps reminding everyone in the house about getting up early right from the previous night.So much so, you dont want to sleep any more! Only difference, my bro gets up the last while my mum wakes up at 2:30AM.We were to be at the temple at 8 AM and watch the whole abhishekam till 9 AM. We were there promptly at 7:55 AM only to be told by the Priest, “O! I have finished the Abhishekam, please go to the Navagraha Mandapam to see at least that abhishekam”

We ran lest we missed it. The navagrahas were already through with their bathing rituals and were even dressed!!

So we went back into the main temple and sat while the priest decided to go about his daily chores. He started dressing the idol. Ageless was convinced that he was Hi-Fiing Lord Ganesha. Ya, he gave him two jabs in his hand to fit some flowers. In between this, he also summoned his sub ordinates and gave some Ganesha Clothes Laundry, agreed to come for a trustee’s daughter’s wedding, did Jai Ram Jhi Ki to a couple of women, hurled some orders to his junior and ya also did some Alankaram for the God.

Then much to the horror of my mother, he proceeded to take a broom and started cleaning the flowers and dust which had gathered in front of the idol. He was redeemed only when he sprinkled some water on his hands thereafter. He continued his chores at an excruciatingly slow pace. Finally it was time for the deeparadhanai and he called us for receiving the prasadam. “Come here Samsaram(wife) of Pip” said he. OOh! Samsaram, naan oru minsaram(Wife am a bolt of electricity- name of a very bad Visu movie). He asked me my name and when I said Ananthalakshmi, he was might impressed. He was of the opinion that people dont keep names of God for their children anymore.

“If you have names like inki jinki panni how will you get a boy child?? You should name kids after Gods, so that you get punyam”

He told us that if someone has a boy baby, they should name them Sathyanarayana and he proudly proclaimed that his son’s name was Diwakara!(I wanted to tell him, I have a friend of the same name, sadly the world calls him Ganja- a college nick name that refuses to go away)

Finally some nice prasadam and prayers done, we proceeded to leave. He pointed to his Maruti Omni van and said, ” I used to be part of the Sringeri Mutt, but gave it up because I got into full stream Vaideham” .He was officiating all Poojas for people in that area and was much sought after!

Why all this? While we sat down later and talked about this extremely different abhishekam experience, Lalsan(Ageless’s sis) noted that the trend towards visiting temples had increased and every second Ganapati was called VaraSiddhi Ganapati(One who grants you your wishes) and while a guest noted that it was in fact the reverse in the rural areas. He told us about various temples, in the interiors of TN which are rotting away without anyone to care. They dont have enough Iyer priests because the Iyers earn more through more commercial vaideham(Poojas, marriages etc) or they want to go to the town and be a temple priest. He went to estimate that the city priests earn anywhere between 35,000-40,000 pm by just being at the temple. The better ones leave for Pittsburgh!

The “non-brahmin” priests dont want to touch the idol because they fear that the Gos is too powerful and will harm them!

Strange, the concrete temples are attracting more crowds than the steeped-in-heritage-built-in-stone temples. Suddnely I couldnt help hate the urbanizations and the creeping urban jungle.

Okie back to the insensitive real self who doesnt care too much!

Well, in the evening we went to a new and upcoming real estate property. On our way back, Ageless wanted to show my parents”the good roads of Bangalore”. We were in Kanakpura Road and took the NICE road(she was told by the real estate manager that only the last 400 m was bad, but it was manageable). Man was the road good!

She shifted to fifth gear and we cruised enjoying the drive.

Scrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhh. The road ended abruptly after about 7-10 mins of drive.

The last 400 kms connecting to Bannerghatta road was non existent!

Hats off to Ageless, she managed to drive us to safety!! Landed home tired and hungry(Bangalore makes you feel hungry very often). After some Diwali sweets and snacks(Somasi, Almond Ksheera, Mixture and loads of calories) we decided to unleash the crackers.

What an Anti Climax. Someone had sold some not so good stuff to Prof(Pip’s dad). Ageless and my mum tried to light some diyas which kept blowing off thanks to the wind, much to Ageless’s chagrin)

BalaMuniyamma- the in house glutton (aka Pip’s dog) thought the Chakram on the ground was actually something to fight with(She is a mongrel and boy does she love to fight). I was of the opinion that she thought it was some bright shiny sweet to eat!Kaiser our next door neighbour( A German Shepherd) was scared to his wits. Felt bad seeing a leonine Kaiser shiver for some silly patasu.

Diwali dawned and I woke up late- Ye!!!

Landed at Pip’s house for lunch and devoured my mum’s,Ageless’s,LalSan’s cooking

Vaangi Baath, Rasam, Curd rice, Avial, Olan, Kovakkai, Payasam(JackFruit) etc etc…. Full on Kumbakonam and Kerala Clash!! I was a happy me. A call from work telling me to take the day off was icing on the cake!!!!!!

Evening, Ageless and Lalsan came home to officially gift me my Diwali Gift- a nice shiny microwave!(I can see my reflection on the cover as I type this). We did some microwave warming and had glasses of milk(like house warming-get it?)My parents gave me some money(to spend on myself and Pip, Bruhahhahaha. Think they keep forgetting Pip is not around)

Some old tales exchanged, a much tired Ageless and Lalsan bid us adieu!

Took my mum out and showed her some serious Diwali lighting which my Enclave had put up.( A notice from the Association which runs my enclave read-” Please dont burst crackers within the premises and avoid bursting them on the road too. We shall try to put up some serial lighting”. I live in a draconian but lovely place which has only Sify and BSNL for broadband and Tata Sky is strictly not allowed)

When we stepped out we found the air thick with sulphur. Long live the Indian rebel spirit.

Got some sms-es and strangely and much to my happiness each one was personalized wishing me for my first Diwali after marriage. Awwwww. Me Khush Hua. There is Chandramukhi on SunTV and dosas from Mum! Couldnt have got better!

A Happy Diwali to all of you(Wonder if anyone reads my blog anymore)….

And ya, the travel and sci fi writing classes have been postponed till Nov 2nd week. Until then am forcing myself to read some sci fi so that as Arul says, “I can have an equal conversation”

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A study in scarlet

I have been introduced into the lovely world of audiobooks by one of my friends- lets call him Calculus(because he does really look and act like Prof.Calculus).

So Calculus was reading, rather hearing Simon Winchester and told me about it. Found it interesting and have been downloading ever since. Thought it might be a good idea to start with some light hearing during my cab journey to office. Of course this means I will miss Chamrajpet Charles, but am sure he doesnt care!

And its almost unputdownable in an audio sense. I can hear it even on my way back(whereas my reading would have got restricted). Return journeys are usually longer as well!
So I started off with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Now dont ask me if I hadnt read Sherlock Holmes. To be frank I had read only a few stories. The first one which I am listening to is called a Study in Scarlet. At the end of the 7th chapter when Holmes claims that he has caught the murderer, the trackshifts to some unknown land.

Gees. See I knew they wouldnt work! Who was I kidding with these audiobooks! I will touch, I mean hear them ever! My curiosity was getting the better of me and I so wanted to know who had killed the Enoch guy!!!

So I put it(as Sultan from Sultan school of speech would have said) one quick google search and realised that The Study in Scarlet was actually in two parts which connected in the end!!

Phew! Thank God!

Cant wait to put on my ear phones again and listen to the immaculate narration in a British accent!. Whoever said audiobooks didnt work!!!!

PS: Chamrajpet Charles and Sultan School of speech are spots on Radio One FM 94.3. The former actually deserves a post and is my favourite. For those interested, you can search for him facebook group searches and it contains a link to the site of his creators who have compiled all his spots!!! Will post the link shortly if you cant find it.

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The idea of travel

My uncle’s house in Arizona, houses tonnes of books. Not lots but tonnes of books merely because the gravity of of these books weigh down upon the house because of one reason- they are brand new and untouched. The titles could be anything between ” How to make money when you are old” to “Cooking for diabetes”. There could be multiple titles of the same book, best sellers, readers digest issues, any book on India-name it and you will find it there. All unread.

My brother once clarified to me, that my uncle picks up these books not because he likes reading. He does so because he is besotted with the idea of reading! Ah, now that made sense.

The second class’s reading was from The Art of Travel by Alain De Botton. Instantly brought back memories of Pip calling me over phone and reading out aloud from De Botton’s famous book (Essays in Love) and both of us laughing over it.

I found this chapter called On anticipation particularly interesting. The style was unique. Botton alternates between his story and that of Duc des Esseintes- the hero from J.K.Huysmann’s novel ,A Rebours. The author sees a picture of a pristine virgin beach with a palm tree bending down and longs to be in the place which is as pretty as the postcard. Duc des Esseintes stayed all alone in a villa in Paris and dreamed of going to London after reading a volume of Dickens.

The author arrives in the island of Barbados(Bohooo Pip, I can almost see you exclaiming) and realises that there was one last thing between him and a  lovely experience in the island- his personality.

The author says that when  we set out to travel, there is nothing but the image of the postcard in mind. Between that postcard and the real image lie thousands of unsaid and spoken experiences- both pleasant and unpleasant. You could fall sick, lose your bagagge, get mugged and in the author’s case fight with his wife. He sadly realises that along with him he has carried his personality which could play spoilsport in letting him enjoy the postcard beach that his cottage opened out to!

Many years ago Duc des Esseintes travelled to Holland only to be terribly disappointed. He loved the Holland he had seen in the paintings, more than the real place. On his way to London, Duc eats in an English restaurant, thinks about all the pain that lay ahead of him – suitcases, his entourage of servants, the travel. He takes the next train back to Paris and surrounds himself with all sorts of objects- paintings, timetables of ships. Objects of any sort that would facilitate the finest aspect of travel to him- the anticipation.

One of the students spoke up and asked, why the author had painted such a morbid picture of travel. Werent there so many other nice things to appreciate?

Good point. But in this case you are underestimating the power of your personality. The power it has to change the experience.Make something rotten interesting. Make something interesting completely bleak!

 Most often than not, just before I leave for a place I obsess over trivial things. Medicines for my painfully sensitive throat and stomach, umbrella, extra pairs of clothes(just in case it rains and drenches me to the bone). Negative thoughts cloud my mind and I coax myself to think positive.

But to me nothing can surpass the anticipation of travel. Life just seems so much nicer when you have a trip ahead of you. The ideas and thoughts of how new places, new people, the sights, the sounds will be. I cherish the eve of the festival more than the festival itself. Have you seen the festivities almost building up in the air before Diwali, taking the tension to the highest possible note only to gradually die down on the actualy day(unless you are planning to watch a rajini Movie, first day first show)?

I dream of travelling to Jerusalem one day. But I almost know I will not because I am more fascinated with the idea of going to Jerusalem than anything else. I want to see the Himalayas- just the way Palin had seen it and I know I dont have the courage for it. (I have seen the Himalayas, for those who care to know)!

But as De Botton says,”I travelled inspite of Des Esseintes. And yet there were times when I too, felt that there might be no finer journeys than those provoked in the imagination by remaining at home slowly turning the Bible-paper pages of the British Airways Worldwide Timetable”.

Ah the pleasures of being an arm chair traveller!! Wonder if my uncle has an equivalent for this- an armchair reader? Nah!!!

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Back to College

First days are always tough.

First day at work, first day of the week. Brings with a certain sense of apprehension.

 Landed up in college for the course and found my way to the right block, only to realise I had forgotten  the classroom number. So I called up my friend Hari, and asked him to look up the classroom number from my mail and updated him about my classes while he was looking up. “Finally you have managed to join classes huh?” Only few people understand me so well.

Got the number and headed straight to the class only to be told by students that there was no such class happening there. Few anxious moments passed by.I messaged another prof and realised the class had been postponed. Phew. Another two minutes and I would have broken down and blamed Pip for not being around!

So there I was in a college, carrying a nice tote. Thought I might have been the only fool to carry around a huge bag but I was proved wrong. Lots of girls were walking around with totes- big, bright nice, lovely totes. Niceeeee!Things have changed!

A quick trip to the restroom had me relieved in more than one manner. The bathrooms were stinky and dirty with no water in the taps. Thank God- somethings dont change. The last time I visited an educational institution, i came out feeling suffocated. The kids were acting as though they were in a corporate boardroom and the college felt like an overdone imaginary office. Stinky bathrooms, leaky taps and creaking benches give us a reason to crib about and make us feel normal-like students.

So all matters attended to, the class started. I was expecting to be the odd one out in a class of thirty but felt happy to see that I gelled well into a class of …seven!

I had enrolled thinking it would just be about travel writing but was later told that it also included sci-fi! .Yikes. Me writing sci-fi would be like washing down curd rice with wine. The maximum sci-fi I have ever read was Futurama!

Anyways, I just reassured myself and sat through the class. Didnt open my mouth in the first class. Had a reading from a book called the Snow Leopard(An enthu cookie first bencher in a class of three benches, claimed that he had already bought the book from Blossoms. Mental note: air slap the kid and visit Blossoms)

Felt totally different. I had never ever been in a class that featured a reading leave alone a prof with immaculate pronounciation.Once the reading was over, the prof asked us for our opinion. The enthu cookie spoke again and compared the style of the writer with Jan Morris. I sat there with my mouth open, wondering who the hell I was kidding by joining this class. Thankfully the prof realised my horror and told me reassuringly that they had had a reading of Jan Morris last class. That is why I love english teachers. They sure know what is on your mind and make you feel comfortable.

Took me back to the best days of my life. My tenth std. When I walked upto my english teacher with a look on my face which could have  conveyed,”I lost my house Hurricane Katrina”, when I didn’t understand clause analysis, she conjured up a sentence which aptly portrayed my state of mind and taught me to analyze it!!

 Anyways, some interesting anecdotes, he left us with passages of Pico Iyer and Norman Lewis.

Found Pico Iyer interesting. It was from the Conde Nast traveller(which only I had heard of in the class, yohooo) about Vietnam. The Norman Lewis piece was on Goa and was rather funny!

More in the next post!

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come gather around ppl


My life suddenly seemed like a notepad in which had frantically ticked off a lot of pending action items (hey, my hr self is taking over me).


  • Get married
  • Get a new job
  • Have a fantastic time
  • Bid farewell to Pip(that is the husband- did you know I hate people referring to husband as hubby)
  • Get back to square one



When all of this was happening, I sneaked in sometime to enroll myself in an English Honours course in a nearby college. Just before you start thinking, no I haven’t quit my job or lost my mind. The class happens in the weekend and thus takes care of my weekend activity in the absence of Pip!(Pip being the husband)


I did get quite sick of blogosphere for a while in between and refused to read any blogs or write more myself. But with the looming threat of rising phone bills, I have decided to start writing about my classes. The intention is two fold – inform Pip about classes and use the blog as a notepad for reflection on this class.


So starting tomorrow my posts will be a mix of class notes and my thoughts apart from my usual madness.

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Couldn’t help myself

I couldnt help but notice:

Dont they all look hauntingly similar!!!!

Himmeeess Bhai's new look
Himmeeess Bhai

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Time to change

Today is my last but one day of work at Coca-Cola!

I am feeling feverish. Don’t think I am taking to all this change happening around me too well. Suddenly all organizational procedures associated with exiting employees feels like one cord being cut after another.

 I trudged along the corridors, wearing my best “I am bored and sleepy” expression and stepped into the lift and there was an elderly gentleman who was already in.

He looked at me and said, “So what time is ABC leaving?”(ABC is my superboss)

Moi: “ I don’t know”

He: “Is he still in office?”

Moi:” I don’t know” ( I suddenly felt a pressing urge to indulge in my habit of wanting to hit strange people and spewing spit bombs inside a lift, but I refrained) I turned my face away to avoid any further conversation.

But he was persistant.

He:” He is travelling from Monday onwards right?”

Moi:” Sigh… I have no freaking clue”

He gave me a look which I translated as “You-don’t-know-ABC’s-calendar-what-sort-of-person-are-you?”

The lift came to my floor and the door opened.

He:” You are ABC’s secretary right?”

Moi: ((To myself)- time to really leave the organization. Either I have been doing too much filing or ……)”NO”

He:”Sorry, but I have seen you sitting with the HR team”

Me: “Is it?(Einstein). So try this. The rest of the HR team also sits there. Now go figure who the secretary is.”

Maybe this is sign enough that I should leave the company and more importantly get a makeover!!!!!!!

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